In daily life, as parents, we should teach our children how to manage money. From some experience, it turns out that there are several ways how to teach a child to be smart with money from now. Be smart, not managing money means teaching them to work, but taught how they can understand how his difficult parents earn money for them.

In some cases, there is the time parents explain and teach children to make money, set aside money, save money, and give money to others. Money is a means of payment that could look and can also be invisible. as with any money in credit card or debit card.

When and where should you teach your kids about money?

“To further simplify the child understand the material a lesson, the right time and place to be determined”

While in the ATM (Automated Teller Machine)

ATM is a place doing activities such as financial transfer money, pay bills, withdraw cash and others. Because this place was a place of financial transactions related to money that is not seen, it looks like this place is great as a place to teach your child about money. When going to the ATM we recommend parents invited his son to see and explain the transactions are what we do. and why do we do it in the ATM?

At the supermarket, market, supermarket when we go shopping

How to teach a child to be smart with money from now

Invited us to shop and see what we are doing is a good move. Children will learn how parents bid an item and save on expenses. As a parent also claimed to be able to explain to his son. Not just a cool shopping mom.!

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At the moment we pay bills

Regular bills like electricity and water may only do we receive at home or we pay through our laptops. When the Bills come in, give them an understanding of why we foot the Bill and how to pay for it. paying the Bills is a great time to teach children to learn with their money later.

In addition, must be explained to pay the Bills, we have to work and make money every month. If it doesn’t make money, of course, we will not be able to pay for electricity and water and will not be able to use. We will not be able to shower, cooking, and other activities.

Do the preparation of the budget

Invited discussion while compiling a monthly budget is how effective in teaching children to smart with the money. When drawing up the budget is a great time to teach a child putting together a budget spending and adapt to family income per month.

Do the preparation of the budget

In the monthly budget is composed of family income and expenditure. Explain to the children how much money is spent and how it can be spent. The kids find it easier to understand the cost of family life. If there are still remaining, should have the rest of that money can be saved for other things.

This job looks simple. But know that it is not as easy as we thought of it. Teach our children a very plain and filled with a world of play very difficult. For that, we have to apply some measures that are effective in teaching children about managing money.

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How to teach a child to be smart with money from now

“the smart money is in a smart kid”

Reaching success in teaching children early on, at least the parents should do the trick clever in explaining and teaching. What are the tricks of it?

Adjust allowance children with needs in school.

Parents have a responsibility to send his son and support children’s education since childhood. Because pocket money a factor in supporting the school suggested giving the allowance as required.

In addition, there are also parents who oblige her son doing household chores such as washing dishes, sweeping floors, and others. After all the work that is done, new children are given pocket money while heading off to school. If seen from the positive side, the child will be disciplined in organizing money because they struggled let given pocket money by their parents. Automatically, slowly we can teach children being smart with money.

Let them understand how we work

A little boy asked his father, “Dad, Dad can actually money where.? How Dad can monetize works.? ” Then a father later said “you will surely know how his difficult work and earn money. So now smart in managing their allowance. Because it helped his father and also help you “

From that conversation, we can grab the conclusion if a father taught the right things to their children. Here children will begin to think of what is arguably from his father. The child is expected to know the reason of his father’s words and understands how his father worked during this time.

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Teaching strategies in shopping with save money

Shopping is a necessity which they do themselves. Shop at the school or at the moment they don’t we use may occur. Therefore, teach strategies how to shop with Thrifty since childhood, will nurture the soul of frugality. Always skimp is one action that reflects when our children are clever in managing money.

Teach children to set aside the remaining allowance for savings

Saving doesn’t have to be in the bank, but there are more practical ways that can be done in the home such as utilizing household items that can not be used any more examples such as cans of the former could be used to save money, besides metal shard can use plants around the House like a bamboo stem cut and then position the holes so that it can enter fractions paper and also metal fractions very easy, isn’t it. So there needs to be far away to save money, children should be taught early awareness in order to set aside allowance given by the parents, as it will be beneficial for the future.

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