Yesterday I got to find some friends questions about bitcoin, be it on FB and Twitter. The question leads to Bitcoin investments for beginners. usually, they ask how do I easily get bitcoin? How to start a business bitcoin? and so on.

As we know that a lot of investment, the investment is not new. But investment on cryptocurrency as Bitcoin is an investment which belongs to the new and recently known by many people. This time I will try to share 3 ways to easily get bitcoin will further explain how the investment can be profitable for us bitcoin on writing next.

A brief explanation of what is bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a means of payment by an electronic group made in 2009. Bitcoin was first created by Satoshi Nakamoto. United States Department of the Treasury calls the bitcoin as currencies are decentralized because it has no centralized storage. All transactions carried out have been verified and protected by a network of peer to peer decentral. So one might say if bitcoin is very easy to get in and owned by anyone, anywhere as long as we have a computer that is connected to a peer to peer network.

Bitcoin investments for beginners: 3 easy ways to have a bitcoin

When deciding to invest bitcoin, for beginners the possibility must understand how do I obtain a bitcoin with ease. In General, a Bitcoin can be easily owned through three ways, namely:

1. Get a Bitcoin with mine (bitcoin mining) through the advanced computer network and the internet.

Bitcoin Miners
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Bitcoin investment can be done easily because we can get a bitcoin with doing the mining. You just need to prepare special hardware and joined other miners through a peer to peer network which is connected with the Outdoor Miner. At this time the growing number of investors who do the bitcoin mining make mining isn’t easy anymore to do. But for investors who have a strong determined do not have to think of the trouble because each investment activities definitely have different levels of difficulty.

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To speed up mine bitcoin, you at least pick some choice of digital money besides bitcoin as lite coin, byte coin, dogecoin, Etherum, and others. Because you might just find a coin that can be mined in addition to Bitcoin. If you want to invest in bitcoin, you can exchange a coin the other with Bitcoin.

In addition to me, that the Etherum is a digital currency is quite interesting as it includes Microsoft, Intel, Credit Suisse group and others. If you choose Etherum, certainly would be more profitable if compared bitcoin and coin.

2. Get by buying bitcoins

Bitcoin investments for beginners
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Nowadays many once exchanges bitcoin can you make if you want to have your bitcoin. Because it is very easy to purchase a bitcoin once done. You only need to exchange some money with bitcoin. Exchanger scattered mainly exchanger Bitcoin online. For exchanger offline, you can come to the ATM Bitcoin. In general ATM Bitcoin can only be used to exchange currency with Bitcoin we want to like the dollar, the Euro and the other.

Exchange Bitcoin

Speaking of online exchanges, you could try one of the trusted online exchanges such as the company offers service to sell and buy with Bitcoin currencies USD, EUR, and GBP. The company is located at 548 Market St. # 23008 San Francisco, CA 94104 with the number of users reaching 8.4 Million people from all over the world. By looking at the number of users that you will certainly be a lot more confident if many people are very interested in investing in the bitcoin. Not just professional investors, novice investors too much there. Bitcoin investments for beginners I recommend to try this exchanger with the minimum capital $100.

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ATM Bitcoin

If you think if bitcoin has no ATM, you’re wrong. Bitcoin ATM already spread over about 50 ATMs in the city of London. If you live in the city of London, you can come to the ATM nearest bitcoin and buy bitcoin there. In essence, if you buy a bitcoin on ATMs, you will be charged the cost of admin ranged from 3% to 17%.

In the process of purchase of the bitcoin, you can use a debit card or credit card. But there are also ATMs that accept paper money in the purchase of bitcoin. When the purchase took place, ATM will automatically send to your bitcoin wallet Bitcoin or paper contains a barcode that can be scanned to enter a bitcoin to the wallet.

3. work online paid with bitcoin

The third way is by working online in Exchange for bitcoin or litecoin. This way an awful lot is done by many people because of the way it’s easy and free. You can register on the site (PTC) pay to click then you just need to click ads and get paid every time you click. In addition, you can also play the game then exchange the points obtained with bitcoin or litecoin.

When your friends start to success in business investment will, you’ve bitcoin start. It looks like you missed a chance for success. But you don’t have to worry because these businesses are the current trend. Although you will still start, doesn’t seem to be lost to start with your friends.

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