As a novice investor at the same time also is a trader new to forex (foreign exchange), must have heard or read a statement about forex risk. In accordance with the truth, the forex market is indeed very risky. Then if at risk what are the risks? Want to know why forex trading is very risky for traders. If we know the risks the risk of anything that should be known to a novice trader, of course, this would be a knowledge base, before entering the world currency markets.

The forex market is at risk, but why he said yes many are still interested in playing the forex and invest their money in forex?

Refer to the above question, can be answered with a simple answer. “Forex buy and sell business belongs to the right, is there a business that is not at risk. Everything there is definitely a risk. “. Then why still many play forex and many investments in the currency market, yes because if compared to other investments, investments in the currency market is very profitable. We know a good playing strategy. In addition, a good trader should be able to set the minimal so that the risk capital when trading.

Want to know why forex trading is very risky

Nonetheless their risk?. Then why Yes forex belongs to the height risk if compared to other investments?

Answer yes because forex is promising a huge profit in a short time. So behind the big advantage, there is definitely a risk that big anyway.

Want to know why forex trading is very risky

Traders and investors are good need to know some of the risks that exist in the currency market. Risk – the risk that among other things:

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1. Being played by markets.

2. Created by a broker (agent)

3. Loss of part or all of the funds that we have invested

The third risk above can only make prospective traders think twice to enter the currency market. But know that a third risk that’s what could make us challenged to get into forex. If true, an investor could definitely skip 3 risks it. But if trading is not your soul, better do not enter into the world of forex. Returning to the above risks can explain one by one.

1. The risk of being played by markets.

Mocked the market or more ugly language again fleeced by the movement of the market. Currency movements are simply going up and down only. But this movement can deceive us. This could have been fixed by wearing a good trading strategy and discipline. If emotion had already mastered traders, the market also will be an easier shuffle-random strategy we already prepare earlier.

All games in the forex are highly depending on the strategy and the emotions of traders. To get past this risk, it’s good we are preparing a strategy in advance and train our emotions while trading.

2. The risk of being cheated and mocked by the broker.

Kalo talk about scams the broker may be about 20% of traders is having it. Most are novice trader. Fraud committed could be just the little things like the cancellation of the bonus issue while draw down, and a big thing like wipe out our capital in the broker.

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In order to avoid the risk of being cheated, broker it’s good we know and do the following:

  • know the broker and the broker’s trading only a regulated and supervised by the financial agency.
  • Not easily influenced by the great deposit bonuses.
  • If already taking deposit bonus, learn in advance trading conditions using the bonus

3. The risk of losing some or all of the funds that we have invested.

Loss of all funds in the forex is a risk most widely experienced by traders. This risk is indeed very difficult to avoid. But for a seasoned trader, this isn’t a huge problem. They just need to reduce the risk of loss and maximize profits. So the profit of each month is always there. Therefore, avoid the risk of losing capital trading is absolutely necessary. To avoid a novice trader must learn first to really find a strategy that fits with the style trading.

Well, how now already know right why forex is very risky. If the take the conclusions of the above writings, play risk trading is very high, but the promised benefits are also very high. Therefore, fear not: before the war. Learn first to advanced, recently advanced to the battlefield. If there is a will to succeed in the world currency markets, there must be a way and her way to success.

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