Many who do not know what ya mean in forex trading, or there is still looking for the complete definition of forex trading. If so I will explain what is the meaning of forex trading, why many are more addicted to forex trading, forex trading where the place, everything will I describe one by one. Let’s start with a discussion of what is the meaning of forex trading.

The complete definition of forex trading

1. Understanding Forex Trading

Trading forex is derived from the English words are divided into two, namely Trading and Forex. If it is interpreted into English, it means the market and Trading Forex or the Foreign Exchange that means Exchange of currencies. So it could be interpreted that Forex is a currency trading. Talk about Forex trading, identical with the presence of buying and selling transactions where the existence of transactions and the transaction simultaneously purchasing. Sell and buy transaction is conducted online with an automated system where at the moment there is a currency that is on sale, automatically there will be buyers who will buy these currencies.

So, from the explanation above, can be interpreted also that Forex is the sell and buy transaction world currencies are done online using an internet connection. Until here do you already understand what forex trading is? if there’s anything unclear please comment. Maybe I’ll add more if there is a complete lack of understanding.

2. Where do forex trading

The complete definition of forex trading

Forex trading can be done anywhere and anytime. Because forex can be run via online, as long as there is an adequate internet connection. So trading could be done through the time we have for trading is very limited, for example when a work or hours of rest homework. You need to know about Forex trading, It deals with Banks around the world, so every Saturday and Sunday closed the Forex market.

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3. Why forex trading made many traders roll mat.

In the Forex market, currency movements are very dynamic and very fast. So the chances of you getting a profit are very large. That’s what makes many people study hard to become a professional trader. Most traders were keen to be able to get more income in spite of taking a little time. In addition, to start trading in forex does not require a large capital. You can also start to trading in the forex with small capital ranging from 5 USD even. By utilizing Promo provided by brokers.

4. Why many Traders Roll Mats?

Less understanding about forex and less readiness to start trading in the Forex market is the main cause. Initially, forex traders consider that it is very easy. That is the theory of Selling when the price is expensive and Buy Cheap at the time. Trade theory it’s true like that. But in the Forex market, it is not easy to determine where the price is expensive and where the price is cheap. So we are not easy to determine when to buy and when to sell. If we get the wrong Position, then we will suffer considerable losses. Even can also spend all the capital we have. As an example:

At a time when prices go down, we do a buy position. We assume that the price at the time it was very cheap. But prices continue to come down to make the rest of our depleting capital. That’s when in say a Margin Call.

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