Given the forex market many involve, many circles, and many types of play, for that, is the broker makes other forms of forex. Another form of this is made for traders who have a soul of gambling. For you, the trader who does have the soul of gambling can try other types of forex which look like gambling. The thrill of another playing, gain fast, even in a matter of minutes. Still using the backend chart Forex currency market, index and future.

Keep do you know other forms of Gambling that smell this Forex?. Have you ever heard the name of the Binary Option?. If not, I can tell you that this is a form of binary option and another type of forex which type how to play almost the same as gambling. Why I said pretty much the same as gambling because in the binary option you just have to guess the price will move up or move down. and by risking some money as you want. In addition, an educated guess that you do in the limit with time from 5 minutes up to 1 month.

Other types of Forex which look like gambling

From the explanation above can already ascertain Binary Option belongs to gambling. Why is this option in binary form, yes, of course, it creates market opportunities for traders who are gambling? And very appropriate for the traders, speculators. Lots of brokers who provide the binary option. among other things:

  5. and much more.

If you search in Google, the number of results searching reach 1.7 Million results. Can the said Binary Option is very popular and many also in liked by traders who have a soul else that is the very soul of gambling inherent in the soul of the trader.

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Other types of Forex which look like gambling

For newbies, I recommend to choose a dive into the world of forex Trading or dive into the Binary Option. because both have characteristics and how to play are very different. Despite using the same – the same using the tick chart currency movements, Software/Platform in use was very different. If in Forex Trading typically use MT4/MT5 (Metatrader), whereas Binary Options using the Program their own Browser-based (can be opened in the Browser Chrome, Mozilla). Just look at the difference in the image below.

1.Metatrader Platform

2.Binary Option Platform

Other types of Forex which look like gambling

It is a Screenshot of forex trading Platforms trading using MetaTrader and Binary options are using the Media Browser. Now it’s up to you wants to select the Forex Trading or dive into the binary Option. Once again specify options according to the characteristics of your play.


From the explanation above, can conclude if the Binary Option is another form of Gambling that reek of Forex. Binary Option is suitable for you who are gambling. For the business-minded, Please Choose forex Trading. Because Forex Trading varies according to the characteristics of a world businessman. In addition, choose a Broker who can believe with how to view Review some users who have already joined the Broker. Do not let your money brought a run or also your game on cheaters. Don’t want to right things happen like that, then learn first before plunging into the world of forex or binary options. This is so I recommend for beginners. Because we were playing with the money is big enough.

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