Welcome to my writing about forex. Let’s Learn and understand Basic Knowledge of forex world from inception. This paper is intended for beginners who just want to get to know and learn forex. Learn forex should start from a basic introduction, to understand the basic knowledge about forex and the other that is the theory. If we have already mastered theory, then we go to practice directly.

Sometimes a lot of newbies are falling because they haven’t learned the basics of forex. They just only insistence on a huge profit without thinking of the risks that exist. Forex is the world full of tricks and tension which can be fun but it can also make us lose sense and mind. The forex world is like a very cruel war which does not know where the opponent and which friends. Either where we are and there is on the part of our actual kana. If described in frightening indeed like that. But in reality, if we are accustomed to, and actually quite enjoyable. Therefore, to make us accustomed to, it’s good we sLearn and understand Basic Knowledge of forex world before we plunge right into that world.

Learn and understand Basic Knowledge of forex world

Learn and understand Basic Knowledge of forex world

To begin learning basic forex, there are some things that we should know and understand about the forex for beginners who want to know more about forex, before entering into world currency markets of the world. Some of the points below should be understood and understandable one by one.

I. Basic Understanding

The first thing we should know is a basic understanding of forex trading and financial markets. It aims to better recognize and know forex trading is actually what, anything related to forex trading.

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II. Basic Practice How To Play Forex

For more about forex, a practice directly more than needed if theory. in this practice, we are required to get to know the forex closer and understand how – how to play forex. So we can know how the process of Open positions (opening of the order), the determination of the SL (stop Loss), TP (Take Profit), and the close-ups of the Order (closed position)

  • The necessary preparation before starting forex trading practice,
  • How to select and enroll in one of the trusted brokers,
  • Learn to recognize and use the Metatrader Platform,
  • Learn MetaTrader 4 indicators to know,
  • How to do an Open Order, determine the TP, SL, and Close Orders in MetaTrader 4.
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