On the most basic discussion of this, let us together – the same embed positive knowledge about forex which is very important. How not, understanding forex wrong could result in a fatal error. If all business soul imparts a novice trader in the forex world, then all traders can be successful. Because the actual forex is a business, not a gambling arena. So if gamblers entering currency markets, capital quickly will be great and quickly all in capital invested will scorch.

Forex world currency market is where the sellers and buyers make deals while not meet directly. So if speaking of sellers and buyers obviously closely kaitanya with the business of buying and selling. The business of buying and selling is a business that does exist since the first. So this could also be explained if forex is a business not a gambling arena, a lot of people know about.

Forex is a business not a gambling arena

It is possible that you do not understand why forex classified as business. To explain it, there are a few points that could explain why people assume if forex it is gambling. When in fact forex is a business. There are some similarities between gambling and the forex business, so a lot of people consider forex it is gambling.

I. The similarities between Forex and gambling Business

After your search, it turns out there are several parallels between the business of currency trading with gambling online. This is the equation that makes that person say if forex it is gambling. Equations that can be found include:

1. Guess what price movement up or down.

Forex is a business not a gambling arena

Guess the same is the case with thought by risking some money. If we are right, we win, if we wrong Yes we lose. So too with gambling, almost the same as it was. In forex indeed we wouldn’t know the price will move up or move down. So we did some analysis before determining the position. Want to do a sell position or positions. If we are right we profit, if we are wrong we lose.

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Truth: when viewed at a glance both of the above are indeed the same. But it is really different. In the forex market involved are the seller and the buyer. And who determines the price rise or fall depends on supply and demand or seller and buyer. If the buyer more, then prices will go up. If the seller more, then prices will go down. Then why could profit if our position is correct because of the difference between the buying price and the selling price? Briefly, trade language can say “buy when it’s cheap and sell when the price is expensive” so there is no language of win and lose, that there are a profit and loss statement.

The above explanation is certainly very different from gambling. Where in the world of gambling, we’re guessing something is determined by luck. And sometimes penentunya is located on a tool even on one person. Think of it like gambling poker. In the gambling poker, which involved are some of the players. Then a decisive win or defeat is good or whether the cards we hold. So that’s the decisive card we win or lose. From here the course already can be seen if forex is a business not a gambling arena, such as poker and the other.

2. In the transaction, Required the presence of the airport or the Agent/Broker

The actual language of the forex agent and agent in gambling is the same. This is the agency that is as an intermediary between the player with the gambling arena. If in forex, agents or brokers are also commonly referred to as the middlemen between traders buying and selling with the market. So both are almost the same so arguably it’s forex gambling.

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3. There is another form of the same forex like gambling

Forex we ketahuai there are actually two forex and binary option. Well binaries option is arguably another form of forex which is almost the same as gambling. Binary option uses a currency chart but using a process of open positions and how to determine a distinct advantage. For more details about binary options, it’s good to read a full explanation about the binary option.

Of the three it does look if forex it is gambling. But if seen as an explanation on the first point, clear, clear if actual forex is a business not a gambling arena. Moreover, in the religion of islam, the forex is justified. Because in the forex market, the transaction is the seller and the buyer. So it is considered valid – valid only. Just the setting of interest rates in the forex are ditak justified. So for these accounts, islamic accounts shall be exempted swaps or interest.

II. The difference in the Forex Business and Gambling

In addition to the same business, was actually impressed on forex and gambling have differences virtually unknown to the lay person. This difference can be ditemuka if we already understand and know very well about forex. Beginners might really need to learn the difference in the forex business and gambling. This is particularly important for beginners. Because it will foster business soul in forex and not the soul of gambling. the difference of forex and gambling are virtually invisible, among others:

1. The perpetrator of the forex and gambling abusers is certainly different

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What lay people know the actual offender gambling and forex it is different? Indeed the culprit is the same the same man. But the type and the offender type. If the perpetrator of the forex or who did it was the seller and the buyer. The seller is referred to as the buyer called Supply and Demand. If in a gambling abusers Yes that in fact someone who has a lot of money.

2. Different ways of determining the Profit and Lose/lose and win or

From the language alone is different. If the language of the forex profit and loss while in the gaming lose and win. But the actual meaning is almost the same. In forex mentukan profit and harm based on the price difference between the initial price of the purchase until the price of removing the contract of purchase and resell it. whereas in gambling depends on the accuracy we guess a number, have a nice card, and the other.

Conclusion :

Basic understanding forex is a business not a gambling arena is very important. Where in our forex must be as bisnisman not as a gambler. a pembisnis in forex is definitely going to be a successful trader. While a gambler on the forex, it will definitely suffered heavy losses.

From the explanation above can it be understood? If there was any doubt why forex is considered a business, you can ask questions directly to us on the contact page.

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